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BDev Ventures Invests in Piñata to Help Renters Build Credit

The investment fuels the booming Proptech sector, set to reach $133.05 billion by 2032. Piñata is also launching its new PiñataPay, a revolutionary debit solution...

Unveiling the 4 Archetypes of Minority Investors

Minority investors are key players in a startup’s cap table, but they are often overlooked. There are four main archetypes of...

eBombo is recognized as one of Forbes’ Top 100 Startups in Peru

eBombo is making waves in the corporate world, transforming the way companies hold meetings and events, and it has now been...

Building A Fundraising Pipeline

Before hitting the fundraising trail, spend time researching the most relevant investors for your business. Building a...

EventCombo Partners with AMII for AI Capabilities, Setting a New Bar for Event Management

Eventcombo, the award-winning event tech platform, has partnered with AMII (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute), a leading...

BDev Ventures Announces Strategic Investment to Nickelytics

BDev Ventures is going to implement its WinDifferent Growth Platform model to enhance sales and revenue growth at Nickelytics...
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