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We accelerate and invest growth capital in high-potential B2B product and services companies, putting them in motion on an exponential growth curve by expanding their sales funnels by orders of magnitude.

Our Focus

We Are Unconventional

We drive meaningful equity value creation by executing on what we know best -expanding the sales funnels of our partnership companies, putting ready-to-close opportunities in front of their commercial teams.

Investment Criteria

Our Process

Investment Criteria

We make minority investments ($0.5M-10M check sizes) in B2B product and services companies with at least $0.5M in annual recurring revenue. Our value-add comes via implementing our lead generation engine, which pairs best with companies whose addressable market consists of SMBs with ARRs above $5k

per client.

Applied Expertise

We are a noninvasive, minority equity partner that supports founders who are operationally prepared to grow 5-10x in the next couple of years through the application of our expertise in sales leads generation and talent acquisition.

Flexible Participation

100% of our capital comes from the founders of BairesDev, meaning we have no predetermined time frame to realize exits. Our participation can come in the form of cash and implementation of our proprietary growth engine, or solely implementation of our growth engine if cash is not a need.

About Us

Growth Accelerators

BDev Ventures is the investment arm of BairesDev, a leading nearshore technology solutions company with a reach all across the U.S. and Latin America. We invest in and accelerate B2B product and services companies by implementing the same lead generation and talent recruiting engine that has allowed BairesDev to become the largest 100% bootstrapped and organically-grown IT services company in history, and the fastest-growing software development company in the world.

As a result of our momentum with BairesDev, we created BDev Ventures to invest in and transform already promising companies into world-class organizations by powering them with the same growth framework that fuels BairesDev.

We make minority equity investments in high-potential B2B product and services companies that are operationally prepared for exponential growth with a jolt from our proprietary growth framework.

Our value-add is much more tangible and transparent than what traditional VC groups pitch, with our partnership companies seeing the top of their sales funnels expand by several orders of magnitude thanks to our growth framework.

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