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We are investors and operating partners for founders ready to grow their b2b companies.


Flipping the VC model

Collage of all of the collaborators of BDev Ventures.
We’re challenging the traditional VC model. We don’t just make promises and invest; we deliver results before we invest.

We deliver results before we invest

We demonstrate our value through actions, not words. By driving results prior to investment, we establish a foundation of trust. This approach also serves as the best form of diligence.

A win-win approach with WinDifferent

Test-drive your product with our proprietary lead generation platform. Even if we don’t invest, you’ll still gain invaluable experience, insights, networking opportunities, new customers, and revenue.

True partnerships

We support visionary founders who aren’t just big dreamers, but big doers. Ones who are ready to fail fast and scale.

Not just investors.

We aren’t just passive investors. We’re active partners and mentors.

We know what it’s like and how it feels to dethrone competitors and disrupt the tech industry with limited resources.

In 2009, when we co-founded BairesDev, we didn’t have VC funding, affluent connections, or a massive network.
Despite all these challenges, we bootstrapped our way to a $4B valuation and an 80%+ annual growth rate.
So when we invest, we do so with the full weight of our industry expertise, worldwide network, and extensive resources.

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AI-chatbot that enhances communication with clients and boosts sales.
Industry: Productivity Tech

Year Founded: 2021

Founders: Junjie Shi and Nick Kljaic.

Year Invested: 2022

Customer foot traffic and revenue generation platform for brick and mortar experiential retail businesses. It is an automated platform that allows businesses to distribute promotions, convert online traffic into foot traffic, and collect data to draw in new and repeat visitors with less time and effort.

Industry: Marketing

Year Founded: 2015

Founder: Brandon Willey

Year Invested: 2022

An asset intelligence platform designed to reduce costs & GHG emissions and eliminate unplanned downtime in Industrial Manufacturing and Ag.

Founder: Lucas Funes

Develops physical products to replace single use plastics that are sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, and without chemicals.
Industry: Climate Tech

Year Founded: 2008

Founder: Oscar Herrera

Year Invested: 2022

Founding Round: Seed

Platform enabling companies twitch hybrid or remote workers ways of connecting through games, trainings, and other activities.

Industry: HR Tech

Year Founded: 2020

Founders: Mateo Suarez and Santiago Suarez.

Year Invested: 2022

Founding Round: Pre-Seed

ChatterWorks is a recruiting platform that helps recruiters find, engage, and close hard-to-hire talent.

Industry: HR Tech

Year Founded: 2020

Founder: Shafiur Rahman

Year Invested: 2021

Founding Round: Seed

Platform that makes launching hyper-local Out-Of-Home advertising as simple, scalable, and measurable as posting online ads.
Founder: Judah Longgrear
AI-platform that automates workload across team members, predicting profitability and reducing burnout.
Industry: Productivity Tech

Year Founded: 2015

Founders: José Gettas, Martin Minces, and Santiago Bibiloni.

Year Invested: 2021

Founding Round: Series A