Acceleration That Takes Companies to the Next Level

We bring strategic growth and revenue acceleration capabilities to B2B software, technology, SaaS, product, and services businesses across the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

Our Focus

We Are Unconventional

We are changing the status quo of venture capital, by investing capital, capabilities, and proprietary technology into the next great wave of startups.

We are a noninvasive partner. We support founders who are ready to ramp up revenue quickly over the next several years. To accomplish this, we deploy a revenue generation platform to help them scale revenue and tools and processes to recruit talent.

We invest in B2B startups and growth stage companies that have product market fit and are looking to accelerate their growth.

Our Portfolio

AI-platform that automates workload across team members, predicting profitability and reducing burnout.

Recruiting platform designed to facilitate predictive talent hiring, saving time for HR teams.

An asset intelligence platform designed to reduce costs & GHG emissions and eliminate unplanned downtime in Industrial Manufacturing and Ag.

Platform that makes launching hyper-local Out-Of-Home advertising as simple, scalable, and measurable as posting online ads.

Platform enabling companies twitch hybrid or remote workers ways of connecting through games, trainings, and other activities.

Develops physical products to replace single use plastics that are sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, and without chemicals.

MarTech solution designed to drive greater foot traffic to brick-and-mortar retailers via targeted coupon promotions.

AI-chatbot that enhances communication with clients and boosts sales.

CRM platform that helps SMEs gain more leads, optimize their conversion, manage their clients, and launch marketing campaigns.

Platform that provides online courses in subjects like startups, tech, leadership, digital marketing.

Genwords is a digital marketing agency specializing in writing content for the internet.

HR Tech platform that enables employees to select customized benefits based on their individual needs.

About Us

BDev Ventures was founded and launched in late 2021 by a team of experienced operators and the founding team behind BairesDev, a leading nearshore technology solutions company across the U.S. and Latin America. BairesDev’s proprietary lead generation technology has allowed it to become the largest 100% bootstrapped IT services company in history and the fastest-growing software development company in the world.


BDev Ventures was formed to invest in and transform already promising companies into world-class organizations by powering them with the same growth framework that fuels BairesDev.

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